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4th Man Cinemas has established a church theater network of over 200 churches and by the end of 2015 we are

estimated to have grown the network to 1,000. The local churches that have joined 4th Man Cinemas see the need for innovative films that promote faith, salvation, redemption through the love of Christ in an appealing way that will allow not only church members to enjoy the content they seek but invite other that need a positive message in their life.

Our main focus is to bring the product to the market that is in demand of it and enable the film makers to reach

their desire audience and have their gift make an impact in society with out major P&A cost and a desired outcome.

Cost Comparison: 4th Man Cinema Distribution Model vs. Other






‣ Distribution, P&A, Local Marketing, Virtual Print



‣ $1000 Per Church Theater Location


‣ Film Maker receives 50% of all gross ticket sales



‣ Film Maker receives all accounting and payouts

5-7 business days after the release is concluded.


‣ 50% Deposit is required and remainder 30 days

before release of film.


‣ Church Theater average attendance is 500-800

per location


‣ Average ticket sale for Church Theater is $7-10

‣ Distribution P&A Cost: Average 1.5Mil+ for 200



‣ DCP Cost: Average $2,000-$2,500 per theater


‣ Virtual Print Fee: Average Cost $500-800 per



‣ Film Maker receives 50% of ticket receipts AFTER

P&A cost is covered


‣ Film Maker receives all accounting and payouts

5-6-9 MONTHS after the release is concluded.


‣ 100% of P&A and all cost is required to secure

release date.


‣ Four Walling Theaters: $5,500-8,000 per theater

4th Man Cinemas Distribution

4th Man Cinemas Distribution

Traditional Distribution

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