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4th Man Cinemas

3410 La Sierra Avenue, Suite F

Riverside, Ca 92503





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Services: What Can We Do for You?




4th Man Cinemas is here to provide an exciting service for your church or community center.


Sales Staff and Technicians

Our friendly qualified Sales Staff and Technicians will visit your establishment and assess what equipment is needed and what is the best operational package is best for your venue.




How does 4th Man Cinemas work?


4th Man Cinemas includes the following services:


Equipment Assessment and Installation:

  • Assessment of venue size and accomodations

  • Installation of equipment

  • Training and Certification for your Audio/Visual staff


Cinema Logistics and Operations:

  • Training of staff in Cinema operations

  • Professional Ticketing and Logistic Support

  • We also have additional concession items available


Marketing and Technical Support :

  • Provide Promotional Film materials and Marketing Support

  • Around the clock technical support


Contact us today to find out further information or to schedule a visitation.


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