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4th Man Cinemas has established a campus theater network of over 20 schools in Southern California. By the end of 2015 we are estimated to have grown the network to 200 nationwide. As culture changes and the need for Inspirational films grows, distribution has become scarce and detrimental to the continued growth of these films.


Our main focus is to bring to the school positive, high quality, inpirational and independent  films that impact their lives, promote change, growth and love. We will provide an amazing cinema experience in your local school or community center showing Inspirational and Independent films which are normally not given priority in mainstream theaters. We provide the screens and cinema projectors, as well as our custom digital server which beams the film directly to you. A portion of each ticket goes directly to your school or club, making our program a one-of-a-kind fundraiser.








Theater Equipment Includes:


‣ (1) High Quality Custom Theatrical Screen


‣  (1) DCP Theatrical Level Digital Film Projector


‣ (1) DCP 2K Film Cinema Server with Network Downloading streaming features


‣ (1) Jack Roe State of the Art Point of Sale (POS) System 


Equipment may be used by church for local live events and streaming with the assistance of 4th Man Cinemas technical support


4th Man Cinemas for Schools

4th Man Cinemas Theater Package

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